I had to post a gift to my friend in Austria today.

I checked with UPS for a quote – £82.73 in 3 days.

DHL charged £119.20

Post office – £36.32 – five day service.

I mean wtf?  It’s just ridiculous.  It seems the bigger couriers are only interested in huge contracts…small business they charge an arm and leg for.

Bizarre.  Saying that I am still waiting on a refund of postage for a previous parcel force shipment that went to destination and was returned?!?!?


When all is said and done, it seems Princess Diana passed away as a result of a car accident.

True you may say, let it be.

But for some minor details.

– the driver took a different route that night

– a fragment piece of a taillight of a white Fiat car was found in the tunnel.  It’s suspected that this belonged to a paparazzi frenchman.  2 years later, he is found dead, burned inside his car.  Meanwhile the white Fiat is nowhere to be found

– the bodies were embalmed immediately make autopsy not possible

It’s got too many loose ends.  But then so does the Kennedy Assasination and the moon landing.

Weird stuff in video games

Nothing is weirder than the computer cheating though…

In Albanian northern villages, Albanian women renounce their chance to have sex and stay virgins forever – in exchange for being treated as men, which they are respectably embraced.  This usually happens when the male member of the family has died or whatever and they require a male head of family.

Strange but true people.

The giant and midget meet  – pretty bizarre and definitely weird.

Weird indeed!

I love cats, but this is a weird one

Yes, it is weird – heiress to the Hilton fortune, it does make you wonder why she didn’t just get a chauffeured driven Bentley to drive here everywhere…but nooooooo she had to drive when disqualified.

Weird or stupid?

CNN report